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It's All About The Daily Grind

You need a grinder to make life delicious

James Hoffman said that . . . “you need a grinder to make life delicious”. Of course he was referring to making espresso and coffee in general, however it occurred to me that life in general takes work. It’s hard, time consuming, stressful and at times downright dirty. But the more you work at things, the more effort you put into your job, your family, your health . . . the more you grind at the daily, the more wonderful the outcome.

This year has been difficult for everyone. I don’t need to go into the specifics of how insane it’s been, as you know your own story. What I have learned and believe is that in some ways, 2020 is just like any other year. There are trials that present the opportunity to grow, learn and become a stronger version of yourself because of those trials.

If we cannot learn to grind on a regular basis, adapt to the changes needed, then we will fail without growth. Failure is a good thing! But without the growth, it’s frighteningly crushing. So let us all take the grind and make something great!

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