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Coffee Equals Community

Now that I have been attending farmers and artisan markets for over a year now, I have learned a lot and met even more people. I have witnessed some truly touching things because if being a vendor at markets. Each market has it's own set of rules, regulations and also their own set of community.

I have quickly gotten regular customers as well as hearing stories about other vendors regulars. With those customers and stories I noticed a common theme . . . A need for a social connection. Vendors yearn to catch up with both their own customers as well as other vendors. Customers seem to genuinely care about what happened during the week and a large amount of time is spent helping each other out in various ways.

2022 has already begun and it's already had some ups and downs. We got some very sad news that an extremely wonderful person and vendor of one of the market we sell at, passed away recently. Sad yes but the amazing part of this news was that it came from the markets management, who proceeded to put together a memorial for the family.

I found that to be such a wonderful thing to reflect on. Pandemics, politics and religion are all being used for excuses to why we are being devided but at the end of it all, there are still people we touch and impact. The person who passed was not what a lot of people would consider successful in their business, but the amount of people impacted from that vendor was immense!

Coffee has always been a wonderful common ground for so many people. I just hope that I can find a way to impact others in a positive way and share some coffee in the meantime.

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