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Our Story

   How a Smell Became a Passion   

As a boy I grew up, like most of you might have, smelling my Dad’s coffee being brewed, walking down the grocery store aisle where the coffee beans were sold, and simply loving the aroma and feeling a sense of relaxation. But . . . that’s as far as it went. The taste was terrible to me and even adding cream and sugar just wasn’t quite right for me. Coffee, for me, was only a great smell.

Skip forward an undisclosed amount of years, as well as some hair loss, and I found myself drinking a cup of “disposable coffee machine” coffee, with also lots of cream and sugar. I instantly remembered the smell of childhood but accompanied with a great taste as well! “Oh no!” I thought, “I like coffee!”. I had this thought of dread because at the time I was drinking a fairly expensive cup of joe, and the last thing I needed was another expensive hobby . . .

Skip forward another set of years, and I hear myself closing the door to a major portion of my life and opening a new one . . . self employment. I became a full time photographer at the beginning of 2018 and just before I quit my day job, I told myself that I would take the time to learn more about coffee. Since then I have slowly become my own personal barista and now roaster!

Roasting coffee beans has changed the game for me 1000%!!! Smelling freshly roasted coffee is just as calming and wonderful as those Pure Michigan Commercials on the radio, my wife says more than that! So now, I am seeing how I can help others experience coffee in a similar way. I would love to hear from you and see how I can bring you a great tasting cup of brew!

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