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A Craft in Itself

Welcome to my website! My "coffee story" is a fairly common one . . . I started off adding cream and sugar to everything and loved the smell of coffee but not sure why. Grew up with Folgers and Maxwell House and never had any interest.

Fast forward to the beginning of my "adulthood" and suddenly the Third Wave of coffee was becoming very prominent. When it became known that I would be an entrepreneur, a lot started changing in the ways that I appreciated the things around me . . . the places I shopped, food I ate/made, things I made or made for others. I slowly became an "artisan" of sorts with photography, videography, and now coffee roasting. Once I started roasting my own coffee, it opened up the whole world of coffee to me and the people around me. It was amazing to see how coffee connects us all and how passionate people are about it!

I still don't know where coffee will take my family and I, but I look forward to every opportunity and circumstance.

You deserve the best, and I want to help you experience that!

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