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  • What is your strongest coffee?
    Strong coffee can mean a lot of different things, but generally what I find people mean is what is the boldest and darker flavor that I have. If that's the case, I suggest the Brazil or ask for a specifically darker roasted coffee. Each bean can be roasted to any level, so the darker the "stronger".
  • Where do you get your coffee beans?
    I am always researching placed to get raw coffee, and learn what's best for each farmer that I get coffee from. I buy the Honduras coffee directly from the farmer. If I am not ordering directly from the farmer, I am making sure that the online distributors I work with, are a reputable resource and someone to be trusted.
  • What coffee do you suggest?
    I am the type of coffee drinker that expierements. I like to try all types of coffee, however I drink it black and I lean on a light to medium roast. So my first question is to simply ask how people brew their coffee and what they typically buy. But fresh coffee can often surprise people on how much different it can be for them. So the short answer is "it depends".
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